General maintenance and small projects

Almost continuously there are a few smaller projects in between the big ones. Here too, Akwaaba Asuadei will provide support if necessary. However, they often do this themselves on their own, with the money from the shop or the plantation! This also counts for the normal maintenance of the school bus or minor maintenance work such as painting. What they can do for themselves, they will certainly do for themselves.

In what follows we give an overview of the past and current ‘smaller works’ that we carry out. Every year we sometimes support them with expenses for the school bus or utilities. Since the situation is very difficult in Ghana at the moment, we can certainly use extra money for this!

Current works

Finishing repairs to the floors in the classrooms and to the floors of the verandas.

– Repair works on the floor in the classrooms and on the floor of the change room.
– Maintenance and cleaning of the water installation
– Purchase number of chairs and table

– Purchase mattresses
– Refurbishing the bathroom of the boarding school
– Purchase chairs and tables

– Support in connection with Covid-19
– Purchase of a new water pump
– Purchase of a car for school

– Purchase of an emergency generator
– Purchase of handbooks

– Purchase fencing of the school grounds with gate
– Refurbishing the boys’ bathroom
– Purchase sports equipment with the support of Nike

– Purchase af a freezer
– Support school party
– Purchase mattresses
– Purchase sports equipment
– Purchase chairs

– Purchase of handbooks
– Support start-up pension fund for staff
– Purchase chairs

– Purchase chairs
– Purchase fencing for the animals